D-24 Drum Washer

D-24 Drum Washer


Drum Washer for High Volume Cleaning of Small Machine Parts

Better Engineering’s line of rotary drum washers clean small parts in volume.  The rotating drum has an internal helix to tumble and convey the parts forward
through one or more cleaning stages.

The drums are available in 14″, 24″, 36″ and 48″ diameters and are tailored to each application when it comes to perforation size, the pitch of the helix, and the
height of the helix. The wet stages can have spray, immersion or both, and the hot air dryers run as high as 250° F.

True Modular Construction
The systems are truly modular in that they can be expanded or changed without a torch or welder. The design provisions are as follows:

a) the main wash, rinse and dry modules are mounted on a common skid and bolted together;
b) the drum itself is bolted together in sections;
c) wire-ways terminate at each module, etc.

Stainless Steel Construction
With few exceptions, all wetted parts are stainless steel grade 304. The metalwork, the drum, the pumps, the spray and dry manifolds, etc. are stainless steel.


Wherever practical, the vertical surfaces are insulated or shielded. Insulated surfaces have 1” thick insulating material (“R” value of 4) which is then covered with
stainless steel cladding. The exterior of the system has a natural stainless finish. Only components such as the control box, the motors and the base skid are

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