2F-636 HT

2F-636 HT

2F-636 HT

Rapid Process Four Chamber System

Designed to be installed into the customers counter in a designated weapon cleaning room in a facility where large quantities of firearms must be cleaned & lubricated in the shortest amount of time with the least
amount of labor.
Tank 1: Heated ultrasonic clean & heated overflow rinse with adjustable flow valve chambers
Tank 2: drip/drain & ultrasonic lubrication chambers

Each of the 4 chambers measures 36”x6”x8” deep.

System includes:

  • 3 heavy duty weapons racks 35”x5.5” with 5 removable hand gun partitions
  • 2 tank covers
  • 1 control box with ultrasonic timer
  • 3 power generators

Electrical requirements: 240V/1PH 60Hz / 30AMPS
counter space required 100”x18”x20”depth
ship weight is 950lbs

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