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Solvent-Based Cleaning Systems

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Parts Cleaning Solutions –
Efficient and sustainable parts washing for all industries

Parts cleaning is only one of the critical steps in today’s manufacturing processes, whether it is to reach the level of cleanliness required for subsequent
processes or high quality and functionality of the parts to be cleaned. Parts cleaning is of vital importance to all types of industry, no matter whether you come
from the manufacturing industry, the automobile industry, the medical or the aerospace industry. Ecoclean industrial cleaning systems offer the perfect solution for virtually all types of cleaning tasks; be it for parts made of metal, plastic, ceramic or glass.

Our solutions for your cleaning tasks are divided into single piece cleaning with flexible robotic cells for special requirements of the automotive industry and
into batch cleaning with innovative standardized as well as individually customized cleaning systems for various applications from the production of mechanical components, to parts for the aerospace and military industries or precision components for the medical and optical industries.

Chlorinated hydrocarbons

Cleaning with chlorinated solvents is one of the classic processes in industrial parts cleaning. Success is based on the following characteristics:

  • Excellent degreasing action
  • Low surface tension
  • Rapid parts drying
  • No flash point

To avoid health and environmental risks,,the use of chlorinated hydrocarbons is controlled by the 2nd Federal Emission Protection Regulation (BImSchV). This
requires cleaning to take place in a closed system and for the extraction area only to be re-opened when the solvent concentration has fallen to below <1 gm per cubic centimeter of air.

With the unrivaled, integrated air volume displacement process (PLV), , we provide a particularly efficient and environmentally-friendly system for a completely
air-free operation of chlorinated hydrocarbon cleaning systems without activated carbon filters.  This has a number of advantages for the user :

  • Lower operating costs
  • Low consumption of solvent stabilizer
  • No system stoppages

The 2nd BImschV has approved the use of the chlorinated hydrocarbons perchlorethylen, trichloroethylene and methylene chloride.. Trichloroethylene has been classified as carcinogenic since 2002 and a substitution must therefore be found where possible (substitution requirement).

Thanks to their design for multi-stage processes – cleaning, rinsing, steam degreasing and drying – they are also suitable for fine and precision cleaning tasks.


When talking about non-halogenated solvents for parts cleaning, the term hydrocarbon is normally used. Optimum cleaning performance, excellent
environmental compatibility and low operating costs make them an attractive alternative to chlorinated solvents in industrial cleaning systems.

In some cases these hydrocarbons are flammable and are used for flash points higher than 55°C. Extra protection measures are not necessary if the solvent is
being used at temperatures at least 15°C below the flash point; in the event of higher application temperatures, the risk of explosion is excluded with the use of
an appropriate vacuum.

Hydrocarbon cleaning systems from Ecoclean have been successfully used for many years, in some cases for extremely demanding cleaning tasks, in fine and
precision cleaning environments. The single chamber cleaning systems are designed for a multi-stage cleaning process – cleaning, rinsing, steam degreasing
and vacuum drying.

Polar Solvents

Based on the principle “cleaning like with like”, non-polar contaminants such as oil and grease are best removed using non-polar cleaning agents such as
chlorinated hydrocarbons and non-halogenated hydrocarbons. With polar contaminants such as salt and emulsion, on the other hand, the best cleaning results can be achieved with water-based solvents, which are highly polar.

Between these are a number of cleaning tasks for which polar solvents are available. These one-component solvents are particularly well suited to emulsions,
natural oils / fats and mixed impurities.

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