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Crest Ultrasonics aqueous ultrasonic cleaning systems use high-frequency sound waves created by immersible transducers or push-pull transducers to agitate water-based bio-friendly detergents within a tank.

This agitation creates micro-bubbles that implode at high force and high heat, removing grease, dirt, paint, coatings, powder residues, and other contaminants
from manufactured parts, both on production lines and in the field. While water-based, this cleaning method allows the effective clean-up of highly complex
part geometries – reaching holes, blind corners, cracks, and recesses – without harming the part surface.

While incredibly powerful, this process (called “cavitation”) is gentle to the submerged parts, with the liquid environment quickly cooling the generated heat.

Manufacturers and businesses often prefer to use aqueous ultrasonic cleaning systems because they are more environmentally friendly and employee-safe
when compared with solvents. Comparisons continue with aqueous baths being less regulated, more affordable, and easier to recycle or dispose of properly.

Our ultrasonic cleaning systems are far more effective than hand-washing, soaking, or spraying, allowing for combined parts cleaning for even greater efficiency. Combined with Chem-Crest® detergents, virtually any industrial cleaning operation can save considerable time and money.

Aqueous ultrasonic cleaning requires more than just water

Although aqueous cleaning uses water as its primary liquid, you will need to support it with cleaners such as surfactants, detergents, emulsifiers, inhibitors,
antifoaming agents, defluxers, or PH buffers.

To remove surface contaminants such as scale, rust, and metal oxides, you will want to add acidic compounds to the water. You will need an alkaline solution to
remove salts, oxides, soils, metal shavings, and grease.

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