Benchtop Vapor Degreaser

Providing maximum vapor degreasing innovation a minimal footprint.

With a footprint of only 19.69″ (500mm) wide x 14.76″ (375mm) front-to-back and standing only 16.54″ (420mm) high, the Nanopac is an outstandingly compact
and mobile vapor degreaser.

Yet while small in form, the Nanopac makes no compromises in technology and cleaning performance.

The Nanopac is a manual system. (It does not automatically transport the basket through the necessary stages – immersion with ultrasonics, vapor rinse, and
freeboard dry.) However, along with its compact dimensions, this is what makes the Nanopac an extremely affordable system.

It ships with a 7.87″ (200mm) x 3.94″ (100mm) x 3.94″ (100mm) (L x W x H) basket. The system also incorporates a manual sliding slid with manual seals to prevent solvent losses when the system is not in use.

  • Extremely compact and portable system
  • Very affordable for all budgets
  • Refrigerated freeboard and condensing coils
  • Eco-friendly
  • Manual sliding and sealing lid
  • Integrated water separator
  • Offset vapor generator
  • Work basket included

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