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Aqueous-Based Cleaning Systems

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Parts Cleaning Solutions –
Efficient and sustainable parts washing for all industries

Parts cleaning is only one of the critical steps in today’s manufacturing processes, whether it is to reach the level of cleanliness required for subsequent
processes or high quality and functionality of the parts to be cleaned. Parts cleaning is of vital importance to all types of industry, no matter whether you come
from the manufacturing industry, the automobile industry, the medical or the aerospace industry. Ecoclean industrial cleaning systems offer the perfect solution for virtually all types of cleaning tasks; be it for parts made of metal, plastic, ceramic or glass.

Our solutions for your cleaning tasks are divided into single piece cleaning with flexible robotic cells for special requirements of the automotive industry and
into batch cleaning with innovative standardized as well as individually customized cleaning systems for various applications from the production of mechanical components, to parts for the aerospace and military industries or precision components for the medical and optical industries.

Aqueous media

Nowadays environmentally-friendly water based cleaning plays the most important role in the intermediate and final cleaning of parts in industrial cleaning
technology. Water based agents include alkaline, neutral and acidic cleaners. They are preferable if a large quantity needs cleaning and/or fine and precision
cleaning has to be carried out.

Alkaline agents with a pH value >7 are most frequently used for surface cleaning in the metal processing industry. They remove not only organic contaminants
such as grease, oil and wax, but also inorganic residues such as metal chippings and dirt. Strongly alkaline cleaners are more effective for removing organic
contaminants than weaker alkaline cleaners.

The pH-value of acidic cleaners is <6. They effectively dissolve inorganic contaminants (e.g. metal chaff, pigments and dust) and in the same way clean up
metallic surface oxides– particularly rust and scale.

Neutral cleaners generally have a pH-value between 6 and 9. They are used for cleaning and degreasing steel, cast iron, light metal alloys, non-ferrous heavy
metals, glass, ceramics and plastics. Neutral cleaners are not generally as effective as alkaline cleaners for degreasing. For this reason and to achieve the required level of cleanliness we integrate mechanical applications, such as ultrasonic or injection flood washing, into the system.

To ensure material compatibility we conduct test cleaning runs on a number of different cleaning systems for water-based cleaners including flow-through spray units, and single and multi-chamber cleaning systems in our test centers.

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