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RAMCO Automated Immersion Systems

RAMCO manufactures two types of automated immersion systems, RamTough and RamNet, depending upon the complexity of the process. Both systems
feature our patented multi-arm walking beam and simultaneous transfer of all baskets for maximum productivity.

RamTough Automation
The RamTough automation package is designed for simplicity of operation and the ability to be retro-fit onto existing RAMCO system.

RamTough systems feature AutomationReady which allows a basic RAMCO system to be upgraded to full automation at a later date without modification.
Automation cable-ready receptacles are installed in the control panel(s). Internally all transfer functions are wired to the cable ready receptacle(s). When you
want to automate the articulating walking arm assembly is bolted on and the mating cable connector(s) plugged in. All transfer functions are now controlled by the automation PLC. It’s as simple as that! Automation Ready is the most cost effective way to invest in a system. It gives you the flexibility of grooving in and
tailoring your operation (easily adding features or stages if required) before locking in to full automation.
RamNet Automation

RamNet is a state-of-the-art network of microprocessors. Each stage has its own microprocessor installed and internally wired to all local devices to power-up
and run that stage. The microprocessor is the “mini-brain” at each stage.

The advantages of RamNet are quickly realized

  • overall flexibility of the system is almost limitless
  • The operation, sequencing and integration of each stage is independently controlled from a single source
  • Multiple baskets can be run side by side with different programs
  • The elimination of multiple timers, counters, relays, cables, connectors, switches, pilot lights, disconnects and related internal wiring results in a more compact and cleaner looking system.
  • By installing a cable modem we can hook-up to the system over the internet to help the customer with programming changes, debug and monitoring.

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