Rotation Basket System for Crest Consoles

The RoTumbler Rotation Systems is Available on all OPTIMUM CONSOLES. This unique rotational system is perfect for applications where fixturing is difficult or where parts tend to nest or cup fluids.

RoTumbler™ Rotation Basket Systems provide improved precision cleaning performance for intricate small parts which nest together or cup fluids and are cleaned in bulk quantities.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy-load ergonomic basket designs.
  • Rotation drive system is based in the tank, for improved cleaning efficiency and multiple in-process rotation.
  • Back drain rotation minimizes carry over to rinse tanks and dryer.
  • Durable non-contaminating friction drive.
  • Many standard and custom baskets are available including dual-use RoTumbler™ rotating basket, and flat and rectangular systems for improved processing.

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