Migi-Kleen Series Tanks

Migi-Kleen Series Tanks

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Migi-Kleen does the dirty work. It completely eliminates the need to clean parts by hand. The transport elevator automatically processes the work. Labor is saved for more skillful operations.

  1. The operator loads contaminated parts or basket(s) of parts onto a sturdy transport elevator.
  2. With the simple flip of a switch, the elevator automatically lowers the work into the immersion chamber and reciprocates, up and down, up to 240 strokes per minute.
  3. Mechanical agitation swishes solution against all surfaces, in and around holes and recesses. Stubborn contaminants are washed away with complete ease and without hand labor. The operator returns at their convenience, flips the switch and the transport elevator rises to the original loading position.


  • Removal of oil, chips, carbon, and rust
  • Removal of buffing and/or lapping compounds
  • Cleaning after welding, deburring or blasting
  • Post processing of 3D printed parts
  • Final clean prior to assembly or packaging
  • Citric passivation, Alodine coating
  • FPI – preclean, penetrant process, post clean

Migi-Kleen can accommodates a wide variety of component sizes and shapes in a compact work area. The immersion chamber is built to adapt a range of
auxiliary features to heighten the chemical and mechanical activity of the cleaning solution. A broad spectrum of cleanliness levels can be satisfied with:

  • basic modular systems
  • integrating filtration
  • turbulation
  • ultrasonics
  • spray
  • effluent controls to meet your requirements

From general washing to precision cleaning, Migi-Kleen does it all.
Migi-Kleen is available in the following standard sizes (custom sizes available on request):

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