UC FC-0018

UC FC-0018

UC FC-0018

Ultra Clean Floor Cleaner 0018

Floor Cleaner / Degreaser

Ultra Clean FC-0018- Floor Cleaner, an all purpose cleaner used to clean very greasy floors, either painted or unpainted, with a power floor cleaning machine or by mopping. May be used for cleaning walls, woodwork or for general purpose cleaning. Soot and greasy soil from diesel trucks and engines are quickly cleaned-up.

Because of its proven effectiveness, Ultra Clean FC-0018 Floor Cleaner/Degreaser should be used for grease and grime cleanups in manufacturing plants. When used through a power scrubber, it cleans the floors without excess suds and, after rinsing, Ultra Clean FC-0018 leaves no slippery residues.

Since it is nonflammable, it this floor cleaner/degreaser eliminates the danger caused by solvents. It Ultra Clean FC-0018 may be used in areas that have potential fire hazards. Water based and nonflammable.


For greasy floors- mix from 20/1 to 40/1 with water. Use with a scrubbing machine or apply with mop. Allow a few minutes dwell time for penetration, and then
rinse off with clear water. For light duty cleaning and as an all-purpose cleaner, ten parts water may be used.


Color: Emerald Green
Fragrance: Mild Aromatic
Type of surfactants: Nonionic
Phosphates: 2%
pH: 13.5 ± .5
Active Ingredients: 16 ± 0.5
Specific Gravity: 1.078
Hard Water Compatibility: Good
Shelf Life: Good
Grease Cutting Ability: Excellent
Soil Penetration: Excellent

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