DaraCoat 615

DaraCoat 615


A non-foaming additive that prevents rust and corrosion

DARACOAT 615 is a water based in-process rust inhibitor designed for short to medium term indoor storage of ferrous, copper and aluminum alloys. Typical
storage periods range from one to three months depending on the concentration used and the storage conditions involved. DARACOAT 615 leaves a
monomolecular film which typically does not interfere with subsequent metal finishing operations.

  • No SARA reportables
  • Recyclable
  • Low foam rust inhibitor
  • Leaves parts dry
  • Inhibits rinse water
  • Easy to use
  • Provides good rust protection
  • Multimetal safe
  • Cleans light soils

Applications/Starting Dilution:

 MethodConcentrationTemperatureTypical Duration  
Soak2 – 20%27 – 82°C (80 – 180°F) 2 – 30 minutes
Agitation2 – 20%27 – 82°C (80 – 180°F) 2 – 30 minutes
Spray2 – 10% (2 – 5%*)  130 – 180°F 0.25 – 3 minutes
Hand Wipe2 – 20%Ambient As required
Steam1 – 12%66 – 93°C (150 – 200°F) 1 – 5 minutes
Ultrasonic2 – 20%27 – 82°C (80 – 180°F) 2 – 30 minutes
Inhibitor/Rinse Aid2 – 20%20 – 82°C (80 – 180°F) 0.5 – 30 minutes

*Preferred Range

Concentration, temperature and duration may be adjusted for optimum performance.

Typical Physical Properties:

Alkaline Equivalent  Not Applicable (MEQ to pH 8.3)
   Not Applicable (MEQ to pH 4.0)
Appearance  Clear colorless to pale straw liquid
Cloud Point, 10% in DI Water  None to boiling, > 100°C ( > 212°F)
Conductivity, Concentrate  14.8 mS
Foam  Very low
Odor  Amine
pH, 5% Diluted in DI Water, 25°C (77°F)  9.4-9.8
pH, Concentrate, 25°C (77°F)  10.0-10.5
Refractive Index, Concentrate, 20°C (68°F)  11.5 °Brix
Specific Gravity  1.02
Surface Tension, 10%  56 dynes/cm
Vapor Pressure  18 mmHG @ 20°C (68°F)
VOC, 10% (EPA Method 24)  4 gm/L (0.03 lbs/U.S. gallon)
VOC, Concentrate (EPA Method 24)  41 gm/L (0.34 lbs/U.S. gallon)
Weight  1020 gm/L (8.5 lbs/U.S.gallon)

DARACOAT® 615 Water based Short-Term Indoor Rust Inhibitor Performance Properties:

Cast Iron Corrosion 
at 2, 5, 10 and 20%  Excellent   

Safe and Effective DARACOAT 615 is a non-foaming additive that prevents rust and corrosion. Formulated with a blend of inhibitors and emulsifiers, DARACOAT
615 is hard water tolerant, free-rinsing, and will not leave any mineral films on part surfaces. Designed to be used with immersion and spray rinses, it is safe to use with most metals and is non-aggressive towards aluminum, brass, copper, and titanium alloys.• Lasting Protection: DARACOAT615 is a blend of three different
corrosion inhibitors plus a chelating agent for hard water conditioning. This provides excellent broad-spectrum corrosion resistance to critical part surfaces,
without depositing any mineral scale or insoluble films.  DARACOAT 615 forms a monomolecular layer over clean metal surfaces, providing a barrier between the metal and environmental oxidizers and humidity. This results in excellent protection against oxidation, corrosion, and rust for medium-term parts storage. The
monomolecular film rinses away cleanly with solvent, coating prep, or aqueous cleaning. DARACOAT615 is simple to use and easy to maintain. Typical dosage for rinse tanks is only 2% to 10%, keeping consumption at a minimum while still providing full protection. It is effective in immersion and spray applications, with
very low foam levels and broad temperature stability. DARACOAT615 should be stored in well-ventilated areas at temperatures between 40 and 100°F(4–38°C).
Recommended shelf life is one year.

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