Vapor Degreasers

Vapor Degreasers


Plug-and-play, self-cleaning systems for pre- and post-removal of organic contaminants.

While aqueous ultrasonic cleaning systems use water combined with detergents, solvent-based systems use chemicals to force a more effective cleaning
process for hard-to-remove contaminants such as heavy oils.

The ultrasonic cleaning application remains the same with either approach: submersible ultrasonic transducers or push-pull transducers create high-frequency sound waves that in turn create ultrasonic agitation, inducing cavitation bubbles to implode. This cavitation pulls contaminants away from metals, plastics, glass, rubber, ceramics, and other components. The surface tension reaches cracks, blind holes, inner corners, and recesses. Because the ultrasonic energy reaches
everywhere at reasonably consistent frequencies, you might not even need to disassemble parts before cleaning.

Crest Ultrasonics manufactures equipment for a variety of applications that use one of two degreasing options:

Solvent Degreasing

A cleaning agent is applied directly to a part’s surface by spraying, brushing, or wiping with solvent degreasing. This process removes oil, grease, dirt, loose
particles, and any other contaminants that may exist on the surface.

Vapor Degreasing

With vapor degreasing, solvents dissolve contaminants on stubborn surfaces during the ultrasonic cleaning process. A heating coil brings the solvent to a boil,
which creates a vaporized solvent, and this condenses onto the surface. The solvent thus returns to a liquid form, dissolves the contaminant, beads up with the
impurities captures, and flushed off the part. We manufacture vapor degreasing systems that can capture and re-introduce the solvent, making the process
more economical.

Standard and Custom Units are Available

The Crest Ultrasonics line of solvent ultrasonic cleaning equipment offers you many standard, in-stock capacity and frequency combinations as well as 
custom-built machines upon request.

When used in tandem with our ultrasonic cleaning solutions, this equipment is designed to provide you with state-of-the-art solvent cleaning support:

  • Complete organic contaminants removal — Oils, greases, lubricants, rust inhibitors, etc.
  • Pre-and post-cleaning — Ideal for all high-precision manufacturing industries
  • Full cellular manufacturing operations support — Fits anywhere within your automated production line
  • Minimal solvent loss — Featuring a selective line of solvents that are EPA-approved and non-flammable
  • Fast set-ups — Truly plug and play with minimal training required
  • Self-cleaning — Further limiting down-time and the need for human interaction

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